For the configuration but also the maintenance of the space that will attract and will not repel the visitor, a place of joy, bright and cool where it will take advantage of all the positive topographic elements of the area, Garden Care through the specialized, well trained and trained with necessary agronomic knowledge of human resources undertakes the responsible maintenance of the green small or large scale Private and Professional Spaces which consists of:

In the implementation of an appropriate Program of gardening practices for the proper maintenance of the hygiene of the green that is shaped specifically for each green space
In the implementation of appropriate practices for the proper operation of existing irrigation networks
In the application of gardening practices that can promote the image quality of your surroundings
In updating and keeping a work diary which describes the history of each visit
In the receipt of photographic material which documents the implementation history of the gardening works of the work calendar
In the supply and application of the most advanced consumables for fertilization and plant protection required for the proper maintenance of green hygiene