Garden Care

Garden Care with excellent knowledge of agriculture, natural resource management, but also landscape design and architecture operates with absolute success from 2003 until today in the prefectures of Lefkada and Aetolia-Acarnania and offering a range of high quality services






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Garden Care

Permanent and long-term professional relationships

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Since 2003!

The people of Garden Care have created a strong, full of smiles and positive energy dream Team, a team that knows its job well, having all the necessary means to implement it quickly, easily and completely successfully. Garden Care is for each of its partners a second family, a very important School of life, a School of Love.


The garden is a great place for emotion, thoughts and beautiful dreams and in fact as beautiful as the flowers, Garden Care is a beautiful group of beautiful people who are united by the need to express themselves through their love for nature


The permanent and lasting professional relationships which is the pinnacle of executives and efforts of our company!

- Nikolaos Rontogiannis

What they say about us!

Η μηνιαία συντήρηση του κήπου γίνεται με συνέπεια και ακρίβεια από την ομάδα του Νίκου Ροντογιάννη!

Κώστας Παπαδόπουλος

Ο Νίκος και η ομάδα του με επαγγελματισμό και συνέπεια φροντίζουν το κήπο από τα ενοικιαζόμενα δωμάτια πάρα πολύ όμορφα και ποιοτικά

Χρήστος Μπουρσινός ( Lefkada Blue )

"Ο επαγγελματισμός, η συνέπεια και η άψογη συνεννόηση με βοήθησαν πολύ, και θα ήθελα να σας συγχαρώ όλους για αυτό, και να συνεχίσουμε την συνεργασία μας την επόμενη σεζόν !"

Julie Neveu Fouros ( Melivaro Eco Villa )