Garden Care undertakes the study and design of green spaces for residential and commercial facilities with the aim of the ideal aesthetic and functional coverage of the needs and desires of customers by providing comprehensive services, in all kinds of work required to complete each green project.

The cornerstone for the correct configuration or creation or even for the maintenance of green spaces, is the elaboration of Gardening Studies through which all the necessary information for the identity of the whole creation is recorded.

The recording of this information can be reflected photorealistically, aiming not only at the functionality of the surrounding area, at the satisfaction of the special needs of the owner, at the projection of the ornamental interest of the plant material throughout the year, but also ensuring its longevity with the minimum financial burden and its financial maintenance ..

Why us?

The garden is a great place for emotion, thoughts and beautiful dreams and in fact as beautiful as the flowers, Garden Care through its love for what it does and its experience, ensures in the best way its services!