Man has always loved lawns, whether they came from grass or other types of grass. It is no coincidence that lawns were used in the gardens of castles and palaces to create ornamental gardens and places of admiration.

Today, the lawn as one of the most important factors of the urban ecosystem, is undoubtedly the simplest and at the same time the best solution for a beautiful, manicured and green garden. It is true that a green lawn beautifies every garden, visually unifying the spaces and giving us a sense of luxury. Of course, there are many types and varieties of grass that can theoretically be used, but in practice, the ones that basically offer the best chances of ensuring plant well-being and longevity are selected.

Our company has the dynamic and practical experience after undertaking the selection of the appropriate variety of turf depending on the soil-climatic requirements of the area and construction, to install turf with seed or with ready-made turf cuttings with immediate, excellent and guaranteed results.